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The support you deserve.

Confidential counselling with practical tools & solutions to create lasting, positive change.

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You Deserve Support, Non-judgement, Empathy & Unconditional Positive Regard to facilitate Peace of Mind and Satisfaction in your life .

For the love of Insightful Conversations

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It can feel challenging to take the first step but we can help you change your life, starting with today.

The good news is, It just takes one click to book your free action planning session and begin your journey with Insightful Conversations.


Metaphysical and challenging, with a sense of intrepid adventure and curiosity, Insightful Conversations’ sessions explore hidden depths in a way that brings joy and satisfaction too. Your voyage of self-discovery doesn’t need to be deadly serious, so we focus on bringing fun to each session in a way that unfolds naturally.  


Insightful Tools


You’ll find that we offer something a little different here. We draw on the innovation that technology can provide and fuse this with psychology and a deep sense of spirituality and self.

Pioneering cutting-edge technologies to modernise the field forms the foundation of all that we do here at Insightful Conversations, connecting you with the core of your being in a compelling way.

With an inquisitive mind, we’ll accompany you as you delve ever-deeper before emerging with a fresh, new and radiant perspective.


Unearthing the root causes, creating positive change.

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Quality Standards

Insightful conversations’ practitioners have trained in the UK’s most respected institutions. They also abide by the ethical codes of one or more of the following professional associations.