Coaching & Mentoring

Our Insightful Coaching & Mentoring is about a partnership and collaboration, enabling positive conversations that bring about powerful change. The emphasis is on the present moment, and how you can draw on your strengths to achieve your goals.

Why come for Coaching & Mentoring

It can be useful for anyone to stop and pause for a moment in his or her life and re-assess if he or she's on the right path. Insightful Coaching & Mentoring will help to facilitate this process, allowing you to make sound decisions which enable you to progress in the way you want.

Some of the areas we can help with include:
·   Behavioural Correction
·   Building Confidence, Self-Worth and Self-Esteem
·   Changing Negative Habits
·   Emotional Difficulties
·   Fear of Public Speaking
·   Goal Setting and Clarification
·   Identify Solutions
·   Improving Communication Skills
·   Improving Performance
·   Perfectionism
·   Personal Learning and Development
·   Relationship Difficulties
·   Sleep Disorders
·   Weight Loss
·   Work-Life Balance

How Coaching & Mentoring can help

Insightful Coaching & Mentoring takes a very different, non-authoritarian approach, putting you in control of your path while providing unconditional support.

At times this may mean asking you questions to create a more in-depth understanding within yourself or identifying barriers that you may not have recognised. By collaborating, we can help you to reach your fullest potential and just as importantly, enjoy the process of self-discovery.

Coaching vs Mentoring

·   generally has a set duration
·   can be structured and regular
·   time-bound and focused on specific issues
·   the agenda focuses on achieving specific and immediate results
·   revolves around specific developmental areas and issues

·   ongoing relationship and can last for an extended period
·   informal meeting; can take place when you need some guidance or support
·   takes a broad view
·   you set the plan and we provide guidance and support to prepare you for the future
·   revolves around developing your professional career

Our Journey

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