Insightful Counselling

Counselling can help with many things, and we offer a collaborative experience to bring about permanent, positive change. Working together, we will accompany you on an intimate journey through your past, resolving issues which are preventing you from moving forward with freedom.

Why come for Counselling?

We all feel negative emotions from time to time, but that doesn’t necessarily point to a problem. It’s when our feelings become overwhelming or begin to occur regularly, affecting our ability to make decisions and function.

These emotions may cause some or all of the above, or there may be other deep-rooted issues which are making life less than enjoyable. In some cases, you might not be able to put your finger on exactly what the problem is.

There are lots of areas that Counselling can help with. These include:

·   Anxiety (O.C.D., Social Anxiety)
·   Anger Management
·   Building Confidence, Self-Worth and Self-Esteem
·   Changing Negative Habits
·   Compulsive Behaviours
·   Dealing with Loss
·   Depression
·   Emotional Difficulties
·   Grief
·   Relationship Difficulties
·   Resolving Trauma

LGBTQI Friendly

LGBTQI Friendly Counselling

Being LGBTQI is just another difference in our human condition, it is important that your sexual orientation is taken into account and understood.

LGBTQI individuals may have experienced oppression and had to live with the stigma that society puts on anyone who is different.

Having a therapist or counsellor who understands you and can offer you the emotional and psychological support to successfully navigate this can be an empowering and reaffirming experience.

How Counselling can help 

Counselling is a particularly powerful type of therapy as we connect with your previous emotional experiences and how you have responded to them, and in doing so created challenges.

By becoming aware of these challenges, you can help to make better value-based actions which support good health and emotional well-being.  

The Counselling is viewed in the context of the problems which you are mainly concerned with, placing focus on resolving the issues while still retaining an integrated approach.

Our Journey

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